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Cessna 206 Training Manual Update

January 7th, 2011

Just to provide an update, in preparation for the Cessna 206 Manual release, published by Red Sky Ventures (who pays for this site!) we’ve uploaded a bunch of hard copy options to the store, including a colour version, a spiral bound version, and shortly I’ll be finished with the hard copy version. And I’ve done some subtle revisions to the cover.

While doing some market research I found a great site, Bush Planes, the site’s main provision is write ups about planes used in bush-flying, and, from the ones I know, they are quite well written accounts, for example they mention that the C206 is a popular bush flyer despite it’s ground hogging tendency (my paraphrasing, apologies if there’s anything lost in translation). It quite good for unprepared surfaces, with the rugged fixed gear, and has a versatile loading capacity – particularly with cargo doors (a friend has been known to carry leopards in hers) and a pod for the messy loads, and reasonably good speeds for the typically short distances involved in this type of flying. They are also a great plane to fly, and relatively uncomplicated for a private pilot, making them a fun plane for a family commuter or hire and fly trips. No wonder most of us think about it as the flag flyer of the Cessna restarts.


Cessna Training Manuals

More about FREE POHs and Maintenance Manuals at Red Sky Ventures’ site

December 16th, 2009

It seems that some of the later model POHs are copyrighted. I do hope the intention of Cessna in putting this is to prevent illegal resale, not for prevention of their use for study purposes. While awaiting a response from Cessna I’ll leave the POHs up.

In using a POH for study purposes, pilots must remember, there are a variety of model types and modifications within the a type series. A POH is a great tool for study to get a general idea of an aircraft, and a couple of different copies is also sometimes helpful – depending on the age range and variations. For this reason I’ve written to Cessna for permission to leave the FREE POHs up at red sky ventures Free_Stuff page –

See discussion on this matter here.

As a side note, Cessna started calling their generic manuals PIMs – Pilot Information Manuals, to distinguish from the updatable, customisable POH, to date I am not sure if it is Cessna’s terminology or an industry wide accepted term.

As another side note, the gentleman in the pprune discussion above makes a note that GA8 – the airvan – provides their manuals for free on their website, which is how it should be! Here’s the link to the Airvan site. , and that the Piper copies he has are not copyright.

From my side, searching forums there is a constant want from conscientous pilots to review a POH in preparation for a type rating when they may not yet be at the place where the aircraft is, proven by the number of requests and searches for such. Many copies provided at the RSV site are used scanned copies, and are only intended for private use by pilots.

I hope Red Sky Ventures can make this a real resource for pilots and the information police don’t prevent it.

Free Resources – POHs, Owners Manuals and Many More

November 9th, 2009

Red Sky Ventures, the sponsor of GoNumbers has recently begun uploading a number of free resources to their website. These free resources are included on the Free Stuff page,

The first in the series of uploads is the Cessna POH range, over 15 files are presently uploaded, including both POHs and Owner manuals for a range of Cessnas, including various models of the Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Cessna 182.
Red Sky Ventures director, Danielle Bruckert welcomes contributions via email, and hopes that the POH archive will become a valuable resource of all that’s available POH wise on the web.

This upload coincides with the US release of Red Sky Ventures’ C210 Training Manual, written by Oleg Roud and Danielle Bruckert, found at , and aims to improve pilot knowledge for transition training.

Red Sky Ventures hopes their series and the uploads will help the move towards better training practices and proper training resources in General Aviation.

World Airnews Reviews Cessna Training Manuals by Gonumbers Sponsors

December 16th, 2008

The latest manual in the type rating series by Red Sky Ventures and Memel CATS, the Cessna 210, was released recently in Namibia. Coincidently World Airnews was looking for an angle to report on the recent spate of C210 accidents in Namibia, so when Red Sky Ventures asked them if they would like to review the book, they readily agreed.

The unfortunate recent series of accidents in Namibia had highlighted the importance of a manual such as this. Some accidents are purely routine – even with the best maintenance mechanical parts can fail, especially in mechanisms as intricate and oppossing as the reciprocating engine. Howeer the authors strongly feel the manuals are a step forward in the goal of aviation safety and are regretful that it may have come a little too late for some. It seems that WORLD AIRNEWS shared their views

The following review is from a WORLD AIRNEWS Article by Kevin Barker.

Following hot on the heels of a spate of fatal accidents in Namibia, Danielle Bruckert and Oleg Roud have published the Cessna 210 Training Manual,* which collates the most poignant and critical sections of the pilot’s operating handbook in order to give pilots that little but extra information, in that handy guide that slips comfortably into a pilot’s flight bag.
*The fourth book in their Type Rating Training Series, available at

Importantly, the book starts off with a table indicating the differences in models of the C210, with the differences in training being seen as one area that catches out unwary pilots. The book then moves on to the basic systems description, with interesting tips and tricks regarding the various systems, as well as pointing out which systems pitfalls await the pilot.
The engine section features handling techniques critical to the correct management of the engine for all phases of flight and brings into discussion many of the mistakes pilots make that end up causing damage to the engine.

Where this work really shines is it’s illustrated section on pre-flight inspection, with a part for part walk through of what to look for and check on the external inspection of the aircraft. The high detail photographs and in-depth explanations make it crystal clear what is required from a pilot preparing to fly.
Of further use to the C210 pilot are the expanded normal and emergency procedures, that take the pilot’s operating handbook and break it down into phases of flight, to be able to deliver a further insight as to handling of the aircraft, but unlike the POH, it has been written for pilots by pilots, and thus makes easy reading.
What the Cessna 210 TrainingManual offers that is not often found in the POH is a little more on the airmanship required to operate the C210 safely, which is often where pilots are found lacking. Each phase of flight discussed also features the relevant checklists to aid the pilot in familiarising himself with the mnemonics and bold face actions required for that phase of flight.
The book concludes with an expanded emergency procedures section , as well as an examination to test the pilot’s comprehension of the subject matter.
The manual makes a great understudy to the pilot’s operating handbook, and is perfect for use as a technical standards manual, or for use when completing a aircraft technical examination.
Perhaps most importantly, considering the hot and high conditions where many 210s operate, is the fuel planing calculator, weight and balance loading sheet and departure performance calculator, in the form of easily understandable forms that could either be copied and laminated, or filled in with a pencil for each flight.
The publishers also produce similar manuals for Cessna’s other singles, and when used as a companion to the POH, forms a very powerful quick reference handbook, that can be carried along with a pilot.
More details about the Cessna 210 Training Manual can be found on the website

“We were both amazed by the response, it really told us that we hit the mark with what we were trying to do.” Says Danielle, “you like to think the work you’ve done is worthwhile, but when it comes from an independant reputable source in the industry it really proves you were right.”

Aside from through Red Sky Ventures site, the books can also be purchased in perfect bound versions through Lulu at, (search by Cessna Training Manual or follow the direct link, or follow the links on the left side of this page (sponsor’s books).

ATR Review

October 8th, 2006

The ATR 42 and 72 from the pilot’s perspective.

By David Montoya
November 28, 2001

The Franco-Italian ATR (Avions de Transport Régional) aircraft series is among the largest and most successful of the modern turboprop airliners currently flying the world’s commuter routes. The ATR, which began in October 1981 as a collaboration between two European aviation giants, Aeritalia (now Alenia) of Italy and Aérospatiale of France, first flew in 1984.


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