Oops: it’s too late now?! Training Abilities and Attitudes: Part 1

April 29th, 2007

Don’t you ever feel like you are not where you should be?

I was sitting at the local flight school one day, trying to explain myself to a colleague and student, when I realised, Hey-I am really not very good at this explaining stuff.

Actually I was helped to realize this by my conversion partner saying “Hey -You’re really not explaining this very well.” It was then that it dawned on me.

I said to him “I know I really don’t explain things very well, it is a problem of mine.” The others in the room began staring at me, so prompting me to go on.


Cessna Training Manuals

Cabin Crew vs Pilots

April 1st, 2007

I saw a quote on a movie once and it made me think -

“Never mess with the people who make your food”

Cabin Crew Blog 1

April 1st, 2007

I was on the way to the hotel last night when the cabin crew began laughing and giggling in their own native tongue (me being a foreigner I didn’t understand), however after the laughing and giggling made me too curious and I began recognising a few words, from which it seemed to me they were talking about work, I asked to please be included in the joke.
It turned out they were all telling funny stories about the pax – those adoring people that everyday we thank our lucky stars they take off our hands, not that I don’t enjoy the pax – and love the fact the airline permits us to invite known ones into the jump seat, but when you’ve got a job to do and Murphy’s law you’re bound to have a difficult one here and there, it is for a pilot just so much easier not to deal with self loading cargo.
It therefore also transpired that cabin crew have issues too. Sometimes funny – sometimes safety conscious, sometimes just a wish for awareness and open communication. Since those three things are the nature of this website I want to extend this blog to anyone wishing to submit writing for publication under the category of cabin crew. All entries are subject to moderators editing and approval, credit is given to authors- when they want it to be!.

Of course to solve your own curiosity I will include one or two of the jokes….in the next post.

Aviation Race

April 1st, 2007

Aviation is a very levelling profession.

I want to quote a friend recently:
“There is no Race here except the Aviator Race”

I started out as a minority in the industry, and sometimes felt like I had to work much harder to prove myself, to ensure no one could point a finger, which they liked doing to the other minorities for anything at all that could be made to stick. And well, when you worked hard enough to ensure you didn’t put a foot wrong, normally no one did.

I just want to say, whatever cultural background you have, despite the few idiots out there that aren’t worth wiping your feet on, most people will judge you by how well you fly the aeroplane – and if you do this to the best of you’re ability and achieve the required standards, you will find quickly prejudices are overlooked and you are not considered Black, Female, Hindu, Chinese, or Russian but you are considered a pilot (and Ditto for other aviation careers).

So lets move on from this race card pulling and get the job done.

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