June 23rd, 2007

CRM incidents as with all human factor issues usually leave us feeling utterly P**ED OFF. Why – because we are treated below the level normally required by common human decency, and it is counterproductive to safety goals. This excerpt from pprune cabin crew stickies tended to sum it all up for me.
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Right….whenever I fly with this particular captain I don’t feel comfortable. He’s a pleasant enough chap, but has the ability to put off anybody (ground staff, dispatchers, fuellers, first officers, cabin crew etc). He is the kind of person who’s always in a rush and wants to get back early, so stresses people to the limit, almost always obtaining the opposite result.

The other day something happened that really made me want to talk to somebody in the company about it (but I didn’t).

Cessna Training Manuals

Shorts Aircraft – Heard on Frequency

June 23rd, 2007

At some unknown regional airfield in some unknown state there was an unknown lady driver unwittingly driving her Shorts 360 ( on an IFR arrival routing.
Heard on frequency was the following statement:
ATC to aircraft following: “Regional XYZ, would you mind reducing your speed so we can descend the Shorts through your level, at this stage it looks like you’ll be number two?”
Regional XYZ: “No problem, as soon as the lady gets her Shorts down we’ll just slip in behind”

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