Not just in Africa – the FAA can really get OTT!

July 16th, 2007

July 10, 2007

FAA’s Failure Of Proof Results In Dismissal Of Suspension Order Against ATP

The NTSB has affirmed an ALJ’s dismissal of an FAA suspension order based upon the FAA’s failure to offer sufficient evidence to support its claims. In Administrator v. Opat the FAA alleged that the airman violated FARs 91.7(a) (operating an aircraft in an unairworthy condition) and 91.13(a) (careless and reckless) when he flew a Gulfstream IV with the landing gear safety-wired and pinned in the down position without a ferry permit.

Cessna Training Manuals

Rostering Vs Pilots

July 14th, 2007

Rostering often thinks pilots are being particularly difficult, pilots often think rostering are being particularly lazy and incompetent. The point is we both can make each other’s life hell if we want to.
For me the issue involves the concept of -I am willing to make a plan if you are.

The following is a true account of a conversation between a pilot and a rostering/operations Clarke in our company:

Pilot “I wanted to call you early to let you know I am feeling sick.”
Roster Clarke “But, you are rostered you must fly today.”
Pilot “I am sorry I am feeling sick.”
Clarke “But there is no one else.”
Pilot “There is nothing I can do – I can’t fly if I am not feeling right”
Clarke “Well, let me call the Head of Rostering and see what he says”
Pilot “Okay I’ll be waiting your call.”
5 Minutes later …
Clarke “Hi, I spoke to Head of Rostering there is absolutely NO ONE else that can do the flight.”
Pilot “Well there’s nothing I can do – flying sick would be unsafe.”
Clarke “Okay let me see what we can do”
2 hours later…
Pilot “Hi, just wanted to find out if you managed to make a plan?”
Clarke “Yes, we found someone else.”

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