Free Resources – POHs, Owners Manuals and Many More

November 9th, 2009

Red Sky Ventures, the sponsor of GoNumbers has recently begun uploading a number of free resources to their website. These free resources are included on the Free Stuff page,

The first in the series of uploads is the Cessna POH range, over 15 files are presently uploaded, including both POHs and Owner manuals for a range of Cessnas, including various models of the Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Cessna 182.
Red Sky Ventures director, Danielle Bruckert welcomes contributions via email, and hopes that the POH archive will become a valuable resource of all that’s available POH wise on the web.

This upload coincides with the US release of Red Sky Ventures’ C210 Training Manual, written by Oleg Roud and Danielle Bruckert, found at , and aims to improve pilot knowledge for transition training.

Red Sky Ventures hopes their series and the uploads will help the move towards better training practices and proper training resources in General Aviation.

Cessna Training Manuals

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