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December 16th, 2009

It seems that some of the later model POHs are copyrighted. I do hope the intention of Cessna in putting this is to prevent illegal resale, not for prevention of their use for study purposes. While awaiting a response from Cessna I’ll leave the POHs up.

In using a POH for study purposes, pilots must remember, there are a variety of model types and modifications within the a type series. A POH is a great tool for study to get a general idea of an aircraft, and a couple of different copies is also sometimes helpful – depending on the age range and variations. For this reason I’ve written to Cessna for permission to leave the FREE POHs up at red sky ventures Free_Stuff page –

See discussion on this matter here.

As a side note, Cessna started calling their generic manuals PIMs – Pilot Information Manuals, to distinguish from the updatable, customisable POH, to date I am not sure if it is Cessna’s terminology or an industry wide accepted term.

As another side note, the gentleman in the pprune discussion above makes a note that GA8 – the airvan – provides their manuals for free on their website, which is how it should be! Here’s the link to the Airvan site. , and that the Piper copies he has are not copyright.

From my side, searching forums there is a constant want from conscientous pilots to review a POH in preparation for a type rating when they may not yet be at the place where the aircraft is, proven by the number of requests and searches for such. Many copies provided at the RSV site are used scanned copies, and are only intended for private use by pilots.

I hope Red Sky Ventures can make this a real resource for pilots and the information police don’t prevent it.

Cessna Training Manuals

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