Cessna Pilots: Buy a book, Support the ‘Save a Plane’ Cause

February 17th, 2010

I’ve decided to start a new cause: It’s called the [b]“Save a Plane”[/b] cause.
It’s not really a foundation as such, since I don’t want to go through the paperwork of setting one up, but, if you buy a book you can help directly to Save a Plane: the one you’re flying.

And while you’re pursuing the great cause of saving a plane, you could find yourself contributing to an even greater cause – Saving a Passenger.
Lives which may have been placed unnecessarily at risk, perhaps not by you, but by the system. The system you as a pilot we unknowingly submitted to. That is the system of pilot training typically available in the General Aviation sector, fuelled by deregulation of flight schools and instructor standards, limited national funding, and the lack of importance since small planes equal small loss of lives. A system which allows an instructor to teach with little more than a conversion himself (trust me I\’ve seen it and done it), justified by the logic, it\’s a simple light aircraft and the instructor has enough experience flying to know how to teach even though he’s only flown an hour on type. A system supported by pilots eager to keep the cost of flight training down, by flying the minimum chargeable hours, convinved they need little more than the POH to go by, text books only add to the cost of flying and take away money from important practical flying hours with unnecessary theory.

A bit dramatic? Consistently General Aviation accident rates remain the highest by a large margin. In the NTSB preliminary statistics comparing accident rate per flight hour, they are three times higher than commuter flights, the next highest category, and a staggering seventy times higher than the lowest rate, scheduled airlines

The last question, is it worth spending USD20 to find out, when most of the aeroplanes we write about cost about 100USD per hour?

If you are still sceptical about the cost, consider that the 20$ you spend might save you some flying and briefing time on your next renewal –

Support the ‘save a plane’ cause – by starting with improving your own knowledge.

[b]Your donation is fully guaranteed! [/b]
Anyone not happy with a hard copy book purchase, that is if you really feel that it did not provide you with some valuable information and help improve your standard of flying, send me the copy in original condition for a full refund.

Any feedback on this marketing tactic welcomed: I\’ve posted it on my own blog for a laugh, but really it is quite serious.

Cessna Training Manuals

Buy a Cessna Book – a Word from our Sponsors

February 9th, 2010

10 great more great reasons to buy our Cessna Training Manual

1. You’ve probably wasted 20USD on many things inconceivably more useless during your aviation experience to date (a fluffy plane to hang on the rearview mirror perhaps?);
2. If it saves you from one costly mistake it’s worth it’s value;
3. It may save you from a mistake that is worth 100 times it’s value;
4. It may save you from a mistake that’s priceless;
5. Buy a copy and support the ‘Save a Plane’ Cause – your own that is;
6. Buy a copy to help save a life – also your own, and your passengers;
7. Buy a copy to save you money on training on ground school and flying hours;
8. Buy a copy to prove your smart-arse instructor doesn’t know everything and to impress friends at the aeroclub bar: (hint: maybe they’ll buy one too, you could even set up an Amazon storefront and get affiliate rewards? You might get enough revenue to pay back the cost of the book);
9. Buy a copy to impress the examiner on your next renewal;
10. And my favourite for the skeptics, and frugal – those who have paid or are paying for their own training and probably never break free of the mentality learnt in their “will fly for food” hard up days- It has a money back guarantee: if you don’t get any benefit from the book, mail it back in original condition for a full refund.

We never stop learning, and every resource we find will move us closer towards the overall aviation safety goals or zero accident rate. Join the growing number of readers who have benefited from Red Sky Ventures’ Cessna Training Manuals.

Aviation Theory Forums

February 8th, 2010

Here is a nice forum I found on facebook. Great to see some pilots making the effort to increase their technical knowledge, and to add a little humour alongside. Great work!



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