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June 25th, 2010

Through my research for our Cessna Training Manual series, I came Austin Collins, the chief pilot for Flight Express, who is obviously passionate about aviation, aviation safety, and ensuring and instilling professionalism in his chosen career.

At his website under the following link
is some great information from helping others who want to find out more about learning to fly (a very informative and accurate account including all the FAQs), to an informative “Austins Very Easy Guide to…” Series. Much of this is aimed at the FAA system, and also, which is mentioned specifically aimed at Part 135 operations in the FAA system, but the general nature of the content is of relevant to all aviators, and it is not difficult to distinguish which parts do not apply.

GoNumbers particularly likes the humorous but accurate way Austin brings his message across, for example, I love this part in the radio manual:

Let’s consider a transmission. Then let’s replace all the unnecessary words with the word “mayonnaise.” Then we’ll hold the mayonnaise and see how much it cleans up the call.
“And, SoCal Approach, this is, uh, Cessna eight zero one three eight with you.”
If we replace the unnecessary words with the word “mayonnaise” we get:
“Mayonnaise, SoCal Approach, mayonnaise, mayonnaise, Cessna eight zero one three eight mayonnaise.”
All the pilot really needed to say was:
“SoCal Approach, Cessna eight zero one three eight.”

So often I get frustrated with part 135ers and some instructors who don’t hold the mayonnaise!
(My personal favourite was “Charter ABC – Any traffic in the training area?”)

The Complete Series is as follows:
􀂾 Vol. 1 – Austin’s Very Easy Guide to Legal IFR Flight Planning Under Part 135
􀂾 Vol. 2 – Austin’s Very Easy Guide to On-Demand Part 135 Flight/Duty/Rest Rules
􀂾 Vol. 3 – Austin’s Very Easy Guide to Part 135 Daily Duties and Responsibilities
􀂾 Vol. 4 – Austin’s Very Easy Guide to Proper Radio Phraseology and Technique
􀂾 Vol. 5 – Austin’s Very Easy Guide to Winter Operations
􀂾 Vol. 6 – Austin’s Very Easy Guide to Passing Your Part 135 IFR-PIC Checkride

There’s a link on the side of this page under professional.

Cessna Training Manuals

Exchange of Terms

June 1st, 2010

A common saying, modified for aviation:

“Better to open your mouth and appear stupid, than demonstrate without a doubt that you are.”

Those of you in aviation will appreciate the irony of the reversal of the old saying: “Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are stupid, than open it an demonstrate you are.”, and how well this adaption suits both training and aviation industries, and possibly many others.

Another one that springs to mind from that is, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.”

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