May 24th, 2011

Here’s a nice article from pilot and plane about saving money when trying to pay for your own flying.

I must admit, one suggestion – buying a share in a trainer, is one that I would do if I was back in the training phase. To elaborate, there were a few shares available when I was flying, but I never looked at it seriously since I didn’t think I could raise the cash. If you’ve got a job which pays for flying lessons, you can most likely get a loan for a share in a plane, and even with the interest payments, the savings on flying rates will leave you on top, with an asset which is appreciating. Mind you, unexpected maintenance can always come back to bite you, which is another reason I never took the risk to date. But it’s top on my list of things to buy when I get back home.

The important thing is – if you want to fly, you will afford it, and just keep at it any way you can.


Cessna Training Manuals

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