RSV Training Manuals

August 12th, 2009

Red Sky Ventures and Memel CATS publish a series of training manuals, presently available for cessna single engine aircraft.
The books are available to preview or purchase at Red Sky Ventures lulu store front or Red Sky Ventures website.

This series is based on the concepts of advanced type rating training, and is similar to the technical manuals provided by companies like flight safety when you conduct a course on a turbine or jet engine aircraft.

The series is presently available for Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, and Cessna 210. The Cessna 206 is due for release in late 2010, combined with a new G1000 edition of the C172 and C182 books.

The Cessna Training Manuals are a great companion to your POH and will add another dimension to a professional flight training course. It follows a logical sequence of training, from basic model information to in depth technical systems summaries, followed by flight procedures and performance, all illustrated with photographs, schematics, technical diagrams and operational checklists.

This is what other people are saying about our Cessna Training Manuals:

“The high detail photographs and in-depth explanations make it crystal clear what is required from a pilot preparing to fly.

…the expanded normal and emergency procedures, that take the pilot’s operating handbook and break it down into phases of flight, to be able to deliver a further insight as to handling of the aircraft, but unlike the POH, it has been written for pilots by pilots, and thus makes easy reading.

What the Cessna 210 Training Manual offers that is not often found in the POH is a little more on the airmanship required to operate the C210 safely, which is often where pilots are found lacking.”

The manual makes a great understudy to the pilot’s operating handbook, and is perfect for use as a technical standards manual, or for use when completing a aircraft technical examination. When used as a companion to the POH, forms a very powerful quick reference handbook, that can be carried along with a pilot.”

“I’ve had fun looking through your C210 book. It’s a thorough piece of work, and clearly a labour of love. I’ve recommended it to two C210 owners already.” Chris Burger, author of What to do in an Aircraft Cockpit.

Readers emails/comments:
“Just purchased your training manuals for both the C152 and C172. Great work. I printed them out so that I could study them and carry them with me when I go to the aircraft.”

“Just to confirm that I have received the C210 Manual and I think it’s absolutely great…..I would like to order the manual on the Cessna 182 and wonder if you can assist….”

“Your book is much easier to study from than the POH, it has really helped me to have both.”

For more information about these books check out the storefront at, submit a reply, email us (, or use the contacts page on this site, to contact the authors directly.

Cessna Training Manuals

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